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The KC Rally Regulations 2021 (15.h.) state “All jumps must be constructed in a manner that provides stability and safety for all dogs. Pole width is to be between 1.2 metres and 1.5 metres. It must be a single bar jump which is able to fall in either direction. The jump must not have wings.” So this excludes ‘Cavaletti’ type hurdles as the pole cannot fall in either direction. 
Hat style Hurdle
'HAT' style hurdle - 1m pole
Price around £17.00 - £17.50

These were the hurdles that Rally-o originally supplied. The 'Ladder' supports should face each other and pole laid on the appropriate height step in order that it will fall off either way - not as shown in picture! 

Search Amazon for ‘Only Sportsgear’ ( Football Cone & Hurdle Jump Trainer) or on E-Bay for ‘only-cricket’ (Central Football Coaching Agility Training Equipment Cone & Hurdle Jump Trainer) or ‘Shoppershubltd’ (Football Coaching & Training, Fitness & Agility Equipment Cone & Hurdle Jump)

Hurdle type 1
Ladder Hurdle -
1m pole
Price around £20.00

Very similar hurdle set as the 'HAT' style but the ladders clip straight onto top of cone. Very similar to the hurdles supplied by in latter years.

Search E-Bay for '' (Jump Training Hurdle Circuit Training).

Three Pole Hurdle
Three-Pole Hurdle
Come in bulk sets!

Basically, three pole, two bases and two clips per hurdle. 

Search Amazon for ‘Forza’ set of 12 x 1.2m poles, 8 clips, 8 bases @ £81.99 (+ £12.99 delivery) so  £23.75 per set.  Also Aufun’ {or naizy plus others!) 15 x 1m poles, 10 clips, 10 bases @ £60.99 inc delivery so £12.20 per set. Naizy set works out at about 60p cheaper! Search E-Bay (too many to list!) - all as Naizy set above but work out at £11.80 per set!

Various options

Currently the pole must be between 1.2m-1.5m long. Only the Forza 'Three-Pole' set fits this regulation without buying a separate pole. If the regulations change then there are more options as shown here.

Search Amazon for ‘Forza 4x1.15m poles £21.99 (inc delivery) so £5.50 each. Search E-Bay for ‘Forza’ 4x1.15m poles but £16.99 inc delivery so £4.25 each!

Away from the 'usuals' have ‘Forza’ 4x1.38m Boundary Poles @ £14.99 (+£7.60 delivery) so £5.64 each. have Central Dribbling Posts - 10x1.6m @ £22.44 (+£9.00 delivery) so £3.14 each or 10x1m @ £19.14 (+ £9.00 delivery) so £2.81 each. sell Ziland Agility Pole 1.0m @ £2.00 each; 1.2m @ £2.25 each; 1.7m @ £3.00 each (delivery is £6.95 per order) 

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