Sign Holder assembly instructions

Some simple instructions on how to assemble our sign holders, whether A4 or A5

You can also download the pdf file

Component parts

1. The component parts! 

Sign holder frame,
‘Correx-type’ board,
2 angled feet
and number clip

Insert the board

2. Insert the board

 Insert the board into the slot on the side of the frame

Attaching feet (part 1)

3. Attach foot (part 1)

Holding frame in one hand,
tilt foot slightly towards the small
projecting stub until clip hooks onto fame "ridge"......

Attaching feet (part 2)

4. Attach foot (part 2)

.....ease foot backwards until the rear part of the clip "snaps" onto the "ridge" on the other edge of the frame.

Foot in correct position

5. Foot in correct position

The foot in the correct position, clipped onto the ridge on both sides of the frame.

Repeat for second foot

6. Repeat for second foot

Then exactly the same for the
second foot, making sure they both point the same way!

Attach number clip

7. Attach number clip

Attach the number clip onto the frame - opposite side to the feet - small 'clip' hooks onto ridge of frame - both sides

Assembly instructions PDF

Downloadable PDF

PDF file version of those instructions, so you can print and read at your leisure,
wherever you are!

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