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7th August 2020 WELCOME Welcome to the latest incarnation of the Rallynews website - your FREE link to all the schedules, entry forms, and results for Kennel Club Rally competitions. You will also find lots of other useful information, links and downloads. The website is purposefully ‘simple’ and so hopefully very clear. It is maintained as a spare time project, free of charge, and there are no charges whatsoever. We do not use ‘cookies’. This website was created and is maintained by Ian Watt (aka Rally-o.com ) for Rallynews and in support of Julie Barrett (aka Rally Dogs) and Kennel Club Rally. All costs are met by Rally-O Ltd. HTTPS:/ OK, Ian dug deep into his pockets and paid for SSL certificate so you will see a little padlock now at the beginning of our URL and HTTPS!!! ABBREVIATED PRIVACY POLICY We know that by now you have probably had numerous emails about GDPR, privacy and opting in or out(!) to mailing lists and so forth. It has probably got very boring! So, although we have a full Privacy Policy Notice , here we show an abbreviated, more palatable version! In simple terms we do not ask for any personal information. Whatever appears on this website does so with the explicit authority of the person or persons involved or associated with that information. Clubs listed, or notices or listings about events/competitions etc (and the contact details) are basically free advertisements placed by those clubs, groups etc. - amendment to or removal of those details are at their request, or when time expired. Judges contact details are collated for the explicit purpose of being supplied (upon request) to competition organisers. Contact details, including geographical area and levels judged, are not solicited and appear in the list at the explicit request of the individual judges. At any time, those details may be amended or removed by request. Under no circumstances will any details be provided to anyone other than bona fide Show Secretaries. We do not collect, store or distribute any personal information (apart from the Judges List as above) for any reason whatsoever. We do not undertake marketing and we do not maintain or operate mailing lists. 29 May 2018 CONTACT US Schedules, Entry Forms, Class Allocations and notices regarding workshops/courses should be sent in PDF format or JPG to web@rallynews.co.uk In fact any contact with us regarding the website should be addressed to Julie (or Ian) at the same email address! We have a Facebook closed group SENDING ITEMS FOR INCLUSION ON THE WEBSITE? PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM AS LINKS TO SUCH THINGS AS GOOGLE DRIVE etc - send as an attachment to an email! Thank you
LATEST NEWS (Updated 9th July 2020 - 3.45 pm) As you know there really hasn’t been much going on lately, so updates are few and far between NEW EMR form (dated September 2019 - VERSION 2 PDF) AND new download link for Specimen Schedule (also dated September 2019) this is a WORD FILE We often get asked about photos on this website - they are copyright free You are welcome to download and copy them as you wish If publishing them - please acknowledge source/photographer Thank you! SHOW SECRETARIES AND ORGANISERS Rallynews relies upon you to send us the results from your competitions Remember, competitors/handlers often want this information and see us as the source Previous updates
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QUARTERLY MAGAZINE This has turned out to be more popular than we anticipated! A FEW COPIES OF THE JUNE EDITION STILL AVAILABLE! September edition available now! Always more articles, letters, photos needed for all editions!
KC Statement KC Statement
Kennel Club statement regarding Coronavirus and events dated 13th May
PRACTICING DURING ISOLATION Have you thought of this idea? Rally signs at A5 size? Whilst no one is allowed to sell KC Rally signs apart from the Kennel Club, you can down load PDF version of the Rally signs for free from their website (our link on Resources will take you direct to them). You can then print in A5 rather than A4 - the size which is ‘set’ by the PDF. We have produced some instructions which we hope will be ‘simple’ but do bear in mind that no two printers are identical nor are their settings, preferences etc. Rally-o.com can supply sign holders at A5 - Special Offer - 5 holders including p &p £20.00 PLEASE GO TO https://www.rally-o.com/