WELCOME TO RALLY-O At Rally-O.com we offer a number of products to help canine clubs, Rally judges and individual dog owners to participate in Kennel Club Rally. We take great care in selecting the products we offer and always try to ensure that our equipment is suitable for any KC Rally competitions. However, we cannot guarantee that each individual item meets the regulations of every organisation and it is therefore up to the purchaser to ensure that the equip - ment they are buying complies with the guidelines of their particular ruling body. Having said that, we are 99.99% certain that our products are fully acceptable for Kennel Club Rally. The company (Rally O Limited) exists to support Kennel Club Rally through its products and the upkeep of www.rallynews.co.uk (the free news website for all aspects of Kennel Club Rally). Any profits we make are used to support RallyNews and the sport of Kennel Club Rally in general. Finally, the GDPR requirements - in simple terms we do not ask for any personal information. Of course, when you actually order goods from us we require a delivery name and address (and our couriers or delivery agents often require a contact telephone number). We only retain such in - formation for the purposes of recording sales. Payment by PayPal invoice may require some personal information to be entered into the PayPal payment system (especially if the customer does not have a PayPal account) but that is PayPal, not Rally O Ltd. Payment by telephone will require one or two specific personal items (normally the post code of the card billing address) for card verification, but that is not retained by us. VAT & DELIVERY Over the last two years we have done everything possible to hold our prices steady, but inflation and increased costs have caught up with us. To cut a long story short we have had to increase our prices BUT - there is no longer a charge for delivery. As from 1st July 2024 we are registered for VAT, so prices are shown excluding and including VAT. (VAT No. 467 5414 68) If you need a VAT receipt please let us know


Our terms are very simple - you order, you pay, we deliver as quickly as possible! If there is something wrong with the goods within 7 days of deliv - ery, then we will replace or refund your money - we don’t quibble about it! All we ask is that you keep in contact with us and we will do likewise! This does not affect your statutory rights. © Rally O Limited 2017 - 2024 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051) VAT no GB 467 5414 68
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