Patricia Page

Patricia suddenly passed away at the start of December 2020. She was a stalwart of the dog world in Ireland, both North and South, well-known for her showing and breeding, a regular KC Good Citizens’ assessor, a qualified obedience judge. She also qualified as an agility judge.

Patricia was at the front of the queue for Rally training in 2016, and she and her bulldogs took to Rally like ducks to water! Patricia started to judge Rally, and she was due to judge her first L3 when Covid hit and the show had to be postponed.

Patricia’s kind, calm and unruffled approach saw her successfully introducing Rally classes at Bangor DTC, and she and her small band of dedicated helpers ran Rally shows twice a year from then on - one by Bangor and one by Ballyrawer; both clubs in which Patricia played a pivotal role and who will miss her desperately.

The rally community in NI, in partnership with her closest friends and club members plan to mark Patricia’s contribution as soon as we can get together again in large numbers - it would be only fitting in memory of such a precious person.

(Abbreviated from the original tribute by, and with the permission of
Rachel Cooper )

Patricia Page

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