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Results 2019

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Busy Bee 23rd March Results
Busy Bee 24th March Results
FITdogs 31st March Results Photos
WATS 30th March Results J/Report
N Wales GSD 6/7th April Results J/Report (7th only)
USA 3rd February Results
NSDTR 6th April Results Report
Elham 28th April Results Photos
Ilminster 28th April Report (L3) Photos
Little Orchard 12th May Photos J/Report (L1)
Southport/Ormskirk 18th May Photos
Stoneleigh 27th May J/Report L1pt1 L 2 Results
Lagotto RA 22nd June Judgesr Reports
Fife 23rd June J/Rport (L1) Photos
Lune Valley 26th June Results Photos
Banbury 29th June Results Photos
Banbury 30th June Results Photos Obreedience Photos
Nuneaton 6th July Results Photos
Felton 7th July Results Photos
West Wales 14th July Photos
Felton (FITdogs) 6th July Results
Haxey 20th/21st July Photos 20th Photos 21st
Blackpool 4th August Results Photos
Leven 3rd August Results
Ditton 18th August Photos
3 Legged X 25th August Results Photos
Durham 13th July Results
Newton Heath 8th September Report L4 Results
Corryisle 8th September Results
Somerset 14th September Photos Results
Burnham 15th September Photos Results
LRCGB 21st September Report L1 Results
Rugby 29th September Results
Updated 20/11/19
Ilminster 27th April Results
SW Gundog 19th October L1 Judges Report
IOM 26/27th October Results
LRCGB 22nd September Results
Winchester 17th November Photos