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This page will includes links to important announcements and other interesting Rally items on the Kennel Club website which, to be honest, are often hard to find! Please note the links are not constantly monitored and if something doesn’t work please let us know at news@rallynews.co.uk. Each link has its own button.

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Updated versions of the specimen schedules for rally (and other activities) can now be downloaded from the Kennel Club website. Organisers of Kennel Club licensed events in these disciplines are reminded that all show schedules must conform to the current Kennel Club specimen schedules, and that no changes may be made to a show/trial schedule once issued, except with the permission of the Kennel Club.

The updated specimen schedules can be found here:

The downloads are in PDF format; Microsoft Word versions may be requested from the Working Dog Activities team by emailing WDA@thekennelclub.org.uk.

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As at 1st  January 2016


Rally Working Party


New rules and regulations for 2018 - click here

Changes in 2019

Regulations review - levels - signs - point scoring - Judges qualifications

Click here

To read the consultation document produced by the working party

And scroll down to Rally Working Party Consultation on changes to ‘S’ regulations

 All those interested in Rally are encouraged to read and comment on these changes.The proposals for  2019  will be finalised at the next Working Party meeting in April 2018, and will presented to the June  Activities  Committee and July Board Meetings. Final content can not be confirmed until this process is  complete.  Should you wish to submit a consultation response or have any questions or queries about this  process  please contact any of the Working Party members either by phone or email .

Consultation is open now and ends on Tuesday 17th April 2018, please submit any responses before then

Working Party Members changes to S regs 2018.pdf