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Judges List            

Due   to   the   implementation   of   the   requirement   to   comply   with   GDPR,   we   have   had   to   change   the   way   in   which   the   judges   details   can   be obtained   from   us.   Therefore   we   can   no   longer   simply   post   on   the   website   a   list   of   judges   with   their   contact   details.   We   can   now   only provide a full list to bona fide  Show Secretaries. We do, however, show an abbreviated list - use this link Show Secretaries If   you   are   a   Show   Secretary   and   need   a   list   of   judges   with   contact   details,   please   send   us   an   email   from   the   official   email   address   of   the     group   or   club   that   is   to   hold   the   Competition,   requesting   the   list.   We   will   then   send   you   a   list   by   encrypted   email   -   a   password   will   be provided to ‘unencrypt’ or open the email. Alternatively, write to us on the club/group’s headed notepaper and we will send a printed list by recorded delivery. Judges To   appear   on   the   list,   please   email   us   from   the   email   address   that   is   to   be   included   as   your   contact   address   (or   write   to   us   from   your postal address and send it by recorded delivery). The email/letter needs to include name email address and/or contact telephone number levels at which you can judge geographical area where you are able to judge (i.e. Northeast England, Surrey only, or whatever). you   will   also   need   to   include   a   simple   statement   that   you   ”agree   to   these   details   to   appear   in   the   Rallynews   Judges   List   which   will   be   made available, upon request, to Rally Competition Show Secretaries”   Amendments to, or a request for the deletion of, the details already held should be notified to us in the same manner as above. Note - we cannot add, amend or delete details following a telephone call - it has to be either email or written/posted. To contact us by - email: web @ rallynews.co.uk (don’t forget the spaces should be removed!) or by post to Rallynews, ℅ Rally O Ltd, 48 Bardsway Avenue, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 8JR