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LATEST NEWS (Updated 19th May 2019 -  6.00 pm) Photos from FITdogs  Ormskirk (18 May)\ We don’t normally allow ‘adverts’ like this, but as we pay for and administer the website, well, we can allow ourselves an exception to the rule! Ian & Julie have a TransK9  dog cage (B19) for sale (click for more info) FOR CLARITY - OBREEDIENCE COMPETITIONS NOW HAVE THEIR OWN PAGE Obedience4free - Nuneaton DTC 8th June Obedience4free - LRA (Somerset) 22nd June To confirm which compettions/venues Rally O LOtd will be attending Please click on the logo above. SENDING ITEMS FOR INCLUSION ON THE WEBSITE? PLEASE TRY TO SEND AS PDF OR EVEN WORD FILE NOT JPG SHOW SECRETARIES AND ORGANISERS Rallynews relies upon you to send us the results from your competitions Remember, competitors/handlers often want this information and see us as the source! Previous updates in May 17th - N.A.S.A. Obreedience heat (31 Aug) - Schedule & Entry Form 15th -  West Wales Rally (14 July) - Schedule & Entry Form 14th - Durham (13 July) Schedule & Entry Form; Elham (28 April) results Photos - Little Orchard (12 May) 11th - Class Allocations - FITdogs Ormskirk (18 May) & Obreedience Running Order Northumberland Schedules & Entry Forms (6 & 7 July) Judges Seminars - (29 & 30 June) -  Northumberland   (3 & 4 August) Markfield, Leicestershire 10th -Groups & Clubs - Isle of Wight DTS - change of venue 7th - Photos from Ilminster 6th - Stoneleigh (27 May) Class Allocations plus Obreedience Running Order 4th - LRA (22 June) Revised Schedule (now Levels 1-6) plus Obedience Competition Rugby (29 September)  Schedule & Entry Form 2nd -  Three Legged Cross (25 August) Schedule & Entry Form Photos from Elham (28 April)
Kennel Club Announcement BLIND DOGS COMPETING IN ACTIVITIES DISCIPLINES The   Kennel   Club   would   like   to   advise   competitors   that   it   believes   it   is   not   in   the   best interests   of   blind   dogs   to   compete   in   activities   disciplines.   Following   consideration   by   the Activities   Committee   and   the   Board   it   was   considered   that   for   the   health   and   welfare   of such dogs, they should not compete in any activities discipline. This   specifically   relates   to   those   dogs   which   have   no   sight   whatsoever   and   does   not   directly apply   to   dogs   with   partial   vision.   However,   owners   are   reminded   to   consider   the   welfare   of their   dogs   at   all   times.   It   was   felt   that   the   stress   of   a   busy,   unfamiliar   environment   and   the inability   to   see   other   dogs   and   their   body   language   may   potentially   lead   to   hazardous situations and could cause anxiety and stress. The   Kennel   Club   is   committed   to   the   health   and   welfare   of   dogs   competing   in   its   various activities and considers this in the best interest of those dogs affected.