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Rally  Clubs & Groups

Here you will find the groups, societies and clubs etc that teach or practice KC Rally.
We   show   (approximately)   where   in   the   UK   the   groups   and   clubs   that   teach   or   practice   KC   Rally   are   located.   Note   -   we   do   not show (or have available) details regarding training days, times, fees or venues. Click on the number in the relevant area of the map for contact details
                     Additions, Amendments and Deletions In order for us to comply with the requirements of GDPR, we can only add clubs/groups to the map and listing by specific request. This also means that any amendments to the details that we include has to be specifically requested by the club/group concerned. A club/group will only be deleted once we receive a request to do so. ALL REQUESTS (additions, amendments, deletions) must be sent by email to web @rallynews.co.uk (remove the space before the @ symbol) by the recorded club official from their official email address.